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What you see when you log in, and how to add or archive classes

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When you log into Mathspace, you will be brought to the Teacher Dashboard, where you will see a list of your classes. Clicking on a class name will bring you straight to Class Insights, where you can then view all of the class reports. You can also return to the Teacher Dashboard at any time by clicking on the Mathspace logo at the top left.

The Teacher Dashboard is the easiest place to add or archive a class.

To add a class

Click on "Add a Class" will open up the class creation screen.

  • Class Title: The way you will identify your class on Mathspace. We recommend using a format that makes it easily identifiable, including the year, timetable code and name (e.g. 2022 8MB Tan). This will also be the class name that your students see.

  • Textbooks: These are the textbooks that your students will be able to access via browsing or doing self-directed work in the Textbook. You can add multiple textbooks, and the selection can be changed later.

  • Class display name: If you wish to display a name different to the Class Title, deselect the checkbox and fill in this class display name.

  • Other teachers: These teachers will be able to access the class as you can.

Once you have filled in the fields and clicked "Create class", you will be brought to the Class Settings, where you can add students to your class.

Note: Any class you create in Mathspace will automatically become a Skills Check-in class, and vice versa. This can also be managed through Class Settings.

To archive a class

  1. Click on the three dots in the box of the class you wish to archive.

  2. Select 'Archive class.'

  3. Confirm that you wish to archive the class. You will need to contact Mathspace to access this class again.

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