Task Template Groups

Organise your Task Templates into groups for easier navigating. Bulk assign custom tasks over multiple dates.

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Task Template Groups can help you to save even more time by organising your task templates into collections that are often used together. For example, you might want to gather all templates for a grade level over an entire year. If you're really organised, you can even use Template Groups to plan out and implement your scope and sequence.

If you are not yet familiar with Task Templates, please see Create a Template and Task Templates.

Similar to Task Templates, you can filter and search for Groups. Also similar to Task Templates, it helps if your school has a naming convention to more easily find your template groups. To create a template group, you can click on "Create Group".

You can then choose the Group Name and give it a description and cover.

There are two ways to add templates to your groups. The first is directly from a template page.

The second is to add templates from the group itself.

Once templates have been added to a group, clicking on the template names will bring you to that template page.

You can also bulk assign all of the tasks in a group by clicking on "Assign all tasks". For more details, please see Bulk Assign Custom Tasks.

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