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Save time by accessing and reassigning tasks that you had previously created, and set Mathspace-generated tutorials and topic revision tasks

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Task Templates are a way for you to save time by accessing tasks that you (or another teacher in your school) had previously made. There are also some useful templates that Mathspace has created for you. If you have not yet made any templates, please see Create a Template - clicking on "Create Template" will follow the same process.

You can find your templates by clicking on the Task Templates icon on the left panel, and then clicking on "Templates". For more information about organising Templates into Template Groups and bulk assigning of Templates, please see Task Template Groups.

You can find your templates by using the filters provided and by using the search bar. To make searching easier and to enhance collaboration, we recommend establishing a naming convention within your school.

There are also some helpful task templates provided by Mathspace. In particular, there are Tutorial tasks which is a fantastic way to introduce new classes and students to Mathspace in a gentle way that helps them get used to answering questions on Mathspace without having to tackle new mathematics at the same time.

When you click on a template, you will get a chance to review all the questions. There will also be a summary of the number of questions in the template, as well as the estimated time for completion.

Clicking on "Assign" will open up a flyout to enter task details, similar to the final stage of Create a Custom Task. The "More" button will allow you to add the template to a group, edit task template details, archive, and print!

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