Points are a high-level indicator of how much a student has achieved on Mathspace. As a general rule, the more questions that are answered correctly, the more points students will receive. More detail will be given below.

Students can view their points earned in the current week from their dashboard. By clicking on "Launch leaderboard", they can also compare themselves to other students who share the same class.

Teachers can view their students' points from the Class Activity report. Adjusting the date range at the top will give you the students' points over that date range.

Details on how points are calculated:

  • Students will gain 10 points for the first time that they answer a question correctly.
  • Students will gain 5 points for the second time that they answer the same question correctly.
  • Students will gain 3 points for the third time that they answer the same question correctly.
  • They will gain 1 point for every subsequent correct answer for the same question.

Note: the 'same question' refers to the same style of question, but with different randomised numbers

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