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Keep track of how much work your students are doing on Mathspace, including live tracking

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Class Activity allows you to view how much work your students are doing on Mathspace, and can give you an indicator of whether your students are receiving appropriately challenging work. It also tells you what your students have last worked on, which is especially useful if your students are working on different topics at their own pace. Click on these links to find out more about the other class reports available:

You can access Class Activity by clicking on the "Classes" button, selecting a class, and then clicking on "Activity".

There are two time selection options. The first is to select from the past 7/14/30 days, or to customise a date range. This is helpful for regular monitoring and updates on your students' activity. The second is to select the Live mode - this will periodically refresh and is helpful for monitoring your class during a class period.

The Student Activity panel is separated into a grid. The further to the right students are, the more time they have spent on Mathspace. The further up, the more questions they have gotten correct.

A students' placement in the grid can give you an idea of how your students are engaging with Mathspace content.

  • Top left: Students are answering many questions correctly with little effort. They might need more challenging content to work on.

  • Top right: Students are motivated and working hard on Mathspace.

  • Bottom right: Students are spending a lot of time, but not getting many questions correct. They might need easier content to work on.

  • Bottom left: Students are not putting enough effort into Mathspace and might not be realising its value.

You can also see the breakdown of each students' questions answered, time spent, points, number of assigned and self- directed tasks completed, along with what each student has last worked on. Teachers will also see the number of skills check-ins completed and the number of skills collected. Clicking on a student's name will bring you to their Student Activity page. You can also view each student's Scorecard for their most recent work to see their exact working.

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