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What are the devices, operating systems and browsers that Mathspace is supported on?
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iOS App

The Mathspace for Students iOS App is recommended for students using iPads. It is supported on iPads running one of the latest two versions of iOS:

  • iOS 14

  • iOS 13

We only support iOS App versions that have been released within the last three months (or the most recent version if there have not been any recent releases):

  • Mathspace 2.7.2

Note: The iOS App cannot be used in offline mode – an internet connection is required to access Mathspace.

Web App

Our Web App is recommended for all teachers using desktop/laptop devices and any students who cannot use the iOS App. It is supported on the latest two versions of the following browsers on desktop/laptop devices with a minimum screen width of 768 pixels:

  • Chrome for macOS

  • Chrome for Windows

  • Chrome for Chrome OS

  • Safari for macOS

  • Microsoft Edge

You can use the What's My Browser? website to find out which browser you’re using and check if it is up-to-date.

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