Using the Textbook Focus

Direct your students to work at their own pace

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Using the Textbook Focus, you can direct your students to work through a specific textbook. You can set your students' Textbook Focus through either the Class Settings page or the Student Settings page.

Note that when your students navigate to a different textbook, their Textbook Focus will change as well. 

Bulk assigning the Textbook Focus to a class

If you have a class set up with your students, you can easily set all of their Textbook Focuses to the same thing in Class Settings. The first thing to do is to ensure that the Class Textbook Focus is what you want it to be - if it is not, click on "Edit" -> "Edit class details" to change it.

Once the Class Textbook Focus is set correctly, you can then click on "Apply textbook focus to students" to bulk assign the textbook focus. In addition, any students who are added to your class or who join your class will automatically have their Textbook Focus set to the Class Textbook Focus.

Changing the Textbook Focus for a single student

You can change a Student Textbook Focus either in Class Settings or in Student Settings. From Class Settings, simply select "Change textbook focus" from the menu in the same row as a student name.

From Student Settings, click on "Edit", and you will be able to change the student's Textbook Focus.

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