The Planner page

A hub that allows you to assign tasks and easily manage your class' workflow with drag-and-drop

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The Planner page is a calendar view of tasks that have been assigned to a particular class. It is the best spot to manage the workflow for your students as the calendar presents all the tasks assigned to a particular class, which are colour coded by the type of task. Tasks can easily be filtered by Task Type or Student to help identify personalised work.

By Task Type:

By Student:

To create a task from the Planner:

Click on the '+' sign in the bottom right-hand corner of any date. You will see the 'Select Task Type' flyout open on the right-hand side of your screen, which you can then use to assign work to the class, or individual students.

Once you have done this, the task will appear on the class Planner page.

  • Adaptive tasks appear in purple.

  • Custom tasks, including Templates, appear in blue.

  • Lessons appear in dark grey.

  • Tasks that have passed their due date appear in light grey.

You can edit the task from the planner page.

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