Student Reports: Insights

See a summary of what a student has worked on recently and where they might need help. Set a task for questions a student has struggled with

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Student Insights allows you to quickly get a sense of your student's progress recently, and can help identify issues that you as a teacher can then resolve in a timely manner. Click on these links to find out more about the other student reports available:

You can access Student Insights by clicking on the "Students" button, selecting a student, and then clicking on "Insights". You can filter by class to more easily find your students, and change the date range to the past 7, 14 or 30 days.

Student Insights consist of several panels of summary information, based on recent student work.

At the top is a summary of that student's work over the selected time period. You can see their questions answered, the time spent, how many were answered correctly, and the last area of work.

The panels available in the Student Insights can help you to monitor the topics they have been working on along with their mastery levels, the tasks that you have assigned to them, and the questions that they have struggled with and might need help addressing.

You can view the student working by clicking on "View scorecard", and even assign those questions as a Custom Task by clicking "Assign". This will open up a panel that prefills the questions and assigns it to only this student.

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