Student Reports: Tasks

Review tasks that have been assigned to a student, with a download option to a spreadsheet for a gradebook

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Student Tasks allows you to see the results of tasks that the student has been assigned and worked on.ย 

Click on these links to find out more about the other student reports available:

You can access Student Tasks by clicking on the "Students" button, selecting a student, and then clicking on "Tasks". You can filter by class to more easily find your students, select the date range and filter by either Custom or Adaptive tasks.

At the top, you can view aggregate statistics for the student over all tasks that were active in the chosen time period. You can also download the results as a .csv if you need to keep a soft copy for the student's gradebook.

Clicking on a task name will bring you to the Task Report, while opening the menu to the right will allow you reassign the same task to that student only, or to view their work in the scorecard.

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