Bulk Assign Adaptive Tasks

Plan weeks ahead by assigning multiple adaptive tasks with staggered dates

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If you're not already familiar with how to assign one adaptive task, please check out our article on creating adaptive tasks first.

Choosing subtopics

Through the Create a Task From Anywhere button, you can create and assign multiple adaptive tasks at once. This is great for teachers who want to 

  1. Click the Create a Task From Anywhere button

  2. Select Adaptive Task

  3. Instead of choosing only one subtopic, select multiple subtopics. You can choose subtopics from as many different topics or textbooks as you like.

Once you have chosen your subtopics, you can scroll through all of them to preview the questions in each of those question sets, and press Continue when you are done.

Setting Up Tasks

Once you've chosen your subtopics, you'll be asked to choose dates, who to assign the tasks to and a target mastery. These will be the default settings, but you will be able to customize individual tasks in the next step.

After you continue, use the pencil symbol to edit details of any of the individual tasks. A blue circle will tell you that the task has been changed from the default setting.

Click Create Tasks to generate all your tasks for your students.

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