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How to get your classes and students set up at the start of a school year. Use the Class Code to easily populate your classes

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There are several steps you will want to take at the start of the school year to be properly set up on Mathspace - update teacher accounts, archive old classes, create new classes, and add students into your classes. You can then begin creating tasks for your classes.

Update Teacher Accounts

  • Let the Mathspace team know if any staff have left your school so their accounts can be deactivated. To do this, you may either email your School Consultant or Customer Account Manager, or use the Chat button.

  • You can invite new teachers to join the school's subscription yourself. They will receive an email from you to get started.

Archive Old Classes and Create New Classes

You can see a list of your active classes from your Teacher Dashboard. You can archive old classes and add new classes from there.

Note: For schools rostered with Clever, you will not need to archive classes or create new ones - Clever will take care of that for you

Alternatively, if you have named all of your classes in a specific way (e.g. with 2021 in the title), you can contact Mathspace to bulk archive those classes.

To create your class, click on "Add a Class" to open up the class creation screen.

We recommend using a format that makes it easily identifiable, including the year, timetable code and name (e.g. 2022 8MB Tan). This will also be the class name that your students see. All of these fields can be changed after the class has been created.

Add Students to your Class

  • To add students to Mathspace Personal and Classes subscriptions, teachers can give students the join class link - - and your 6-character class code.

  • If you are subscribed to a Mathspace Schools or Schools Plus subscription, you can share a class code. Or, if you prefer, you can also type each student's name in, or use the Mathspace template to do a CSV import. The template can be found on the Settings page.

Create Tasks

Once your classes and students have been set up, you can begin assigning tasks on Mathspace. If you aren't yet familiar with creating tasks on Mathspace, take a look at Create a Task From Anywhere and The New Teacher Experience.

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