There are several steps you will want to take at the start of the school year to be properly set up on Mathspace - update teacher accounts, archive old classes, create new classes, and add students into your classes. You can then begin creating tasks for your classes.

Update Teacher Accounts

Invite new teachers to join the school's subscription. For teachers who have left the school, you can request have their accounts deactivated. You may either email your School Consultant or Customer Account Manager, or use the Chat button.

Archive Old Classes and Create New Classes

You can see a list of your active classes from your Teacher Dashboard. You can archive each class and add new classes from there.

Alternatively, if you have named all of your classes in a specific way (e.g. with 2019 in the title), you can contact Mathspace to bulk archive those classes.

To create your class, click on "Add a Class" to open up the class creation screen.

  • Class Title: The way you will identify your class on Mathspace. We recommend using a format that makes it easily identifiable, including the year, timetable code and name (e.g. 2020 8MB Tan). This will also be the class name that your students see.

  • Class display name: This is currently unused, but might be used in the future to display to students.

  • Textbooks: These are the textbooks that your students will be able to access via browsing the textbook, or doing self-directed work in Topics. You can add multiple textbooks, and the selection can be changed later.

  • Other teachers: These teachers will be able to access the class as you can.

All of these fields can be changed after the class has been created.

Once you have filled in the fields and clicked "Save", you will be brought to the Class Settings, where you can add students to your class.

Add Students to your Class

For new students who do not have a Mathspace account yet, simply give them the join class link - - and your 6-character class code. They will then be able to create a Mathspace account and be populated straight into your class.

If you prefer, you can also type each student's name in, or use the Mathspace template to do a CSV import. The template can be found on the Settings page.

For existing students who have used Mathspace before, the most reliable way for them to join your class is for them to first log in to Mathspace. If they have forgotten their passwords, they can reset it on the login page as long as they have linked their Mathspace account to an email address.

Once they have logged in, they will have a "Join a class" menu option, where they can enter the 6 character class code.

If they are unable to recover their account, you will need to enter them in manually. Begin typing their names into fields, and their account should pop up. Click on Add students -> Add existing students to add that student's existing account to your class. You can then reset their password and inform them of their username/email address to log in with.

If you type in a student's name and there are multiple copies of the same student, that means that they have duplicate accounts. You will need to choose one to add to your class. If you add both students to your class, you will be able to see the points for the accounts. Typically, the account with the most points is the most recently used one. You can then remove the duplicate account from your class by clicking the "Remove button.

To permanently remove duplicate accounts (or students who have left the school), please contact your School Liaison.

Create Tasks

Once your classes and students have been set up, you can begin assigning tasks on Mathspace. If you aren't yet familiar with creating tasks on Mathspace, take a look at Create a Task From Anywhere and The New Teacher Experience.

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