Student Settings allows you to adjust settings for an individual student. Most of the details are viewable at a class level using Class Settings.

You can access Student Settings by either going to Class Settings and selecting the menu next to a student's name, or by clicking on the "Students" button, selecting a student and clicking on "Settings" .

Clicking on "Reset" will give them a new temporary password. They will be prompted to change the password on first login. Note that they can use either their Username or Email to log in.

Clicking on "Edit" will allow you to edit the student's details.

  1. The name fields are mandatory

  2. The email address is optional, and allows them to log in using their email

  3. You can remove/add classes that the student is in. This affects the tasks they are set, and your ability to access their reports.

  4. The Textbook Focus is the default textbook that the student will see when doing independent work on Mathspace.

  5. Entering in a parent/guardian email and enabling "Receive parent notifications" will send them a weekly email with progress updates of the student.

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