Mathspace has partnered with SchoolsPLP to provide SchoolPLP users with access to the Mathspace curriculum for Grades 3-12 covering the Common Core, Arizona, Florida and Virginia state standards.

For the relevant course for your state, you will have two course type options- Mathspace Base and Mathspace Integrated. The course teachers should choose depends on the functionality that they wish to access.

Mathspace Base

The Mathspace Base course is the best option for schools looking to use Mathspace as their major tool, as it allows teachers and students to sign on and immerse themselves in the Mathspace experience. Using Mathspace Base will give teachers access to the full suite of Mathspace features including:

  • Custom Tasks- where teachers can create and personalise work for their students.

  • Task Templates- where tasks can be saved for later use, and shared between faculty members.

  • The full suite of Mathspace reports for classes and students, including:

    • Insights

    • Activity

    • Mastery

    • Tasks

Tasks assigned and the grade book will be synced back to SchoolsPLP but the primary experience for teachers and students will be inside the Mathspace platform.

Mathspace Integrated

Mathspace Integrated suits those who use SchoolsPLP to manage their workflow. Teachers can mix and match content from multiple curriculum providers, including Mathspace, and manage the content within the SchoolsPLP interface.

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