Class Settings (Mathspace Personal and Classes)

What can be found and accomplished in your Class Settings?

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Class Settings allows you to add and view the students in your class, change the class display name and set a textbook focus for you students.

To access and edit your Class Settings follow these steps:

  1. Click Class Settings in the bar on the left side of your screen

  2. Select Actions

  3. Choose the Edit Class Settings option

Click Edit class settings to change the class display name, add textbooks for your students to access and apply a textbook focus. You can also change the textbook focus from the Actions tab.

Focus Textbook: These are the textbooks that your students will be able to access via browsing the Textbook, or doing self-directed work in Topics. You can add multiple textbooks, and the selection can be changed later.

Find more info about using the textbook focus here:

Class display name: The way you will identify your class on Mathspace. We recommend using a format that makes it easily identifiable, including the year, timetable code and name (e.g. 2020 8MB Tan). This will also be the class name that your students see.

To add students to your class, you can either share the join link or click Add student. From there you can add new students or search for existing student accounts. You also have the option to import your students from CSV.

Once students are added they will appear in your Class Settings. Click the three dots to the right of their details to edit their settings.

Find more info about student settings here:

Find more info about Class Settings here:

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