The Student Dashboard & Navigation Bar

What your students first see when they log into Mathspace & how they can navigate between pages

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When students log into Mathspace, they will be brought to the student dashboard.

On this page, students will be able to:

  • Begin a task or read a lesson that has been assigned to them. This section will show the next three upcoming tasks, by due date. When they click into a task, they will be brought straight to the Student Workbook.

  • Start their Skills check-in.

  • See recommended practice tasks by Mathspace related to a student's Skills Focus.

Tabs on Student Dashboard

Your students can navigate to different pages using their navigation bar on the top left.

Your students will have the following options:

  • Dashboard: They can see and work on the most relevant tasks.

  • Assigned: They can view all tasks that have been assigned, and either work on tasks or view past working.

  • Skills: They can view their Skills report.

  • Textbook: They can view Mathspace content using a textbook view. They can also work independently on the topics that they choose.

Students can also change their profile picture by clicking on it.

More options once they click their profile icon on the top right.

  • Activity: Students will see the activity report that teachers currently see. They can check how much time they've spent on Mathspace, and their scorecards.

  • Class Leaderboard: Students can view their points earned in the current week.

  • Enable Accessibility Mode: This allows students to use screen readers within Mathspace Worksheets.

  • Join a class: They can enter a 6-character Class Code to join your class (note: disabled for SSO).

  • Settings: They can amend details such as their parents' details and their curriculum focus.

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